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Time to collect the rent!

While tenants traditionally pay rent every month, redworms are not quite as fast. In as few as two months, however, vermicompost will become visible in your worm bin and all of your work as landlord will pay off! It appears as dark clumps of material that crumble easily.

The vermicompost, or "black gold," can be harvested by simply limiting the amount of food scraps for a few weeks and raking the vermicompost to one side of the bin. Add new bedding to the other side and after the worms have migrated to the new bedding, you will be able to remove the compost without taking any wigglers with it! After harvesting, more food scraps should be added to keep the process going.

Next step: learn where to use your vermicompost.

Revised September 10, 2009

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