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Water and Sewer
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My well or septic system is failing, what should I do?

A. Several options may be available to you such as, upgrade your system, connect to an existing water or sewer line, or extensions of water or sewer. Contact Environmental Protection and Sustainability for answers.

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Q. What charges will I be responsible for if I connect into public water or sewer?

A. Some of the charges that may be levied if a property has frontage on a water/sewer line are Benefit assessment, Sewer Service charges, Water Distribution charge, connection charges, and any deficit that may be incurred.

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Q. Can I finance any of these charges?

A. Baltimore County may have financing available for some of these charges. Contact our office at 410-887-2423 for more information.

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Revised September 30, 2013

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