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Snow Facts 2015 to 2016

The following information is seasonal data related to winter storm operations and costs. The data will be updated annually.

  • Snow and ice removal on 2,692 miles of roadway equal 6,730 lane miles. 10 percent of these roads are considered priority one roadways
  • 8,742 roadways in inventory
  • 165 snow routes with each route having 50 to 60 roads
  • 411 trucks with 491 personnel working from 11 locations
  • Drivers follow specific routes with no special lists and no preferred customers
  • Four to six hours for salting costs $108,622 per hour to salt
  • 18 to 24 hours for plowing costs $54,425 per hour to plow
  • Roads are cleared in this order: collector and arterials, then development subdivisions
  • 60,100 ton salt storage capacity at 15 sites
  • Salt costs: $59.90 per ton
  • Snow emergency plan:
    • All vehicles on road must have all-weather tires or chains
    • Parking is prohibited on snow emergency routes
  • $5,987,025 has been budgeted for snow removal in fiscal 2016

Revised October 30, 2015

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