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Storm Drains Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My home gets flooded from stream flow. Who should I call?

A. The Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 will investigate and determine if any debris or culvert blockage exists. They will refer the problem to Storm Drain Design if assistance is needed.

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Q. An inlet in my street is clogged causing flooding. Who should I call?

A. The Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 handles roadway maintenance problems and will unclog the inlet.

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Q. The stream next to my house is causing my bank to erode. Who should I call?

A. The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS ) at 410-887-3733 handles all complaints involving stream erosion.

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Q. My house gets flooded from runoff from a County road. Who should I call?

A. The Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 will investigate complaints involving insufficient or undersized culverts or inlets. They will refer the problem to Storm Drains Design if assistance is needed.

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Q. I live next to a stream, where can I go to see the floodplain boundary?

A. The Department of Public Works maintains a library of floodplain maps and is the local repository for the Federal Flood Insurance maps. Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) copies and assistance can be obtained through the Director of Public Works. If you need help reading the maps or have questions you can visit us in Room 307 of the County Office Building or call 410-887-3984.

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Q. I have flooding on my property but it does not appear to be related to a maintenance problem. What should I do?

A. In this type of situation we need to investigate the situation to determine the best approach. If you could call 410-887-3711, we will be able to take down some information and discuss the problem. Depending on the situation we will either route the information to the proper agency or we will send one of our staff to visit the site to determine the proper course of action.

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Q. My basement is wet every time it rains. Can you fix it?

A. Baltimore County is not permitted by the County Code to make improvements to private property. You can view our fact sheet (PDF), which has advice that you can use to implement a solution; or you may wish to hire a private contractor.

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Q. What is the status of a storm drain project?

A. Storm Drains Design at 410-887-3711 can provide information regarding design and scheduling of projects prior to construction. The Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3461 can provide information regarding construction status of a project.

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Revised August 7, 2013

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