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Department of Public Works
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Engineering Projects

Following is a list of current engineering projects by councilmatic district. This information is updated on a monthly basis. To receive an email with this information, you can subscribe to receive community updates.

Council District 1

  • Water Line in Halethorpe - A new water line is being installed beneath Halethorpe Farms Road.

  • Water Main to Serve Howard County - Contractors will replace a 36 inch diameter water main running from the railroad tracks, near Clark Boulevard, down to South Street and then through the Patapsco State Park.

Council District 2

  • Offutt Road Bridge - The Offutt Road Bridge, in the 2600 block of Offutt Road, which collapsed during tropical storms in September 2011, will be repaired starting June 2.

Council District 3

Council District 4

  • Pedestrian Bridge - A replacement for the bridge at Woodlawn Senior High School is being reviewed.

  • Owings Mills Boulevard - Owings Mills Boulevard South, Phase II, which connects Winands Road to Liberty Road, is under construction.

Council District 5

Council District 6

Council District 7

Revised September 26, 2014

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