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Department of Public Works
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Highways Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my road going to be widened or resurfaced?

A. The Highway Design Section at 410-887-3739, provides information involving any proposed road widening. The Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 provides information involving resurfacing of existing roadways.

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Q. Are there any proposed roads to be constructed in my area?

A. We can provide this information for public projects by calling 410-887-3739, however, numerous road improvement projects are associated with development projects, please call Development Plans Review at 410-887-3751 for these projects.

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Q. When will a project be completed?

A. The Highway Design Section at 410-887-3739, provides dates as to the estimated construction date. After a project is under construction, Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3531, controls the construction schedule.

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Q. I am interested in starting a petition to have my road improved with curb and gutter, who should I call?

A. The Highway Design Section can help you at 410-887-3732.

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Revised July 30, 2013

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