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Department of Public Works
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Design Section Overview

111 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Room 219
Towson, MD 21204
Telephone 410-887-3788
Fax 410-887-4394

Bruce Keller, P.E.
Chief of Design


The Design Division of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction is responsible for the design of the public infrastructure of Baltimore County.

Responsible for the design and review of roadway projects in the County. This applies to new construction as well as reconstruction of existing roadways to bring them up to acceptable standards.

Responsible for the design and review of sanitary sewer projects, 
including collection systems for residential and commercial areas as well as pumping stations and major interceptors to carry wastewater to the two major treatment plants. In addition, providing for the rehabilitation, repair and replacement of sewer lines and the upgrade of pumping stations.

Storm Drains
Responsible for the design and the review of storm drainage systems for the proper conveyance of storm water from County roads and through County property.

Responsible to ensure the structural integrity and safety of 670 public bridges and some retaining walls throughout the County.

Responsible for the design and review of improvement projects for the Baltimore County metropolitan water system, 
involved with extensions of the local service type water mains, manage the rehabilitation of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities which include water pumping stations, water storage facilities and large diameter water transmission mains.

Revised July 24, 2013

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