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Basic Services Maps and Master Plan Amendments

In accordance with Subsection 4A01.3.E of the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations, the Planning Board recommends and submits to the County Council, revisions to the Basic Services Maps for Sewerage, Water Supply and Transportation for Baltimore County.

On May 5, 2014, Bill 14-14 (PDF) was signed and enacted by the Baltimore County Council, adopting the revised maps. The following are PDF files and will open in a new window:

On January 15, 2015 the following draft versions of the 2015 Basic Services maps were introduced to the Baltimore County Planning board. They are PDF files and will open in a new window:

Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plan Amendments

Annually, Public Works submits a staff report (PDF) to the Planning Board with updates and revisions to the plans.

Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plan Triennial Review

Local jurisdictions throughout the State of Maryland are required by regulation to submit a comprehensive review of their water supply and sewerage plans once every three years. Baltimore County's most recent Triennial Review was approved on July 30, 2013 by Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

You can view the Triennial Review through the County's FTP site. Sign in with the User ID Baltcodpw and the password BCmaps01.

Contact David Thomas at 410-887-3984 with any questions.

Revised February 20, 2015

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