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Snowfighter - Winter Storm Operations
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Snow Removal

Main arteries such as Joppa Road and Owings Mills Boulevard, and feeder roads such as Goucher Boulevard and Lyons Mill Road, are plowed first, followed by community streets, courts and cul-de-sacs.

The County does not plow alleys and private roads.


In average snowfall of two to four inches, it takes four to six hours for crews to salt all County roads. That first application of salt is critical to prevent the snow from bonding to the pavement.

Plowing Time

When will your street be clear? Keep the following schedule in mind.

  • Less Than Six Inches: Crews are usually able to plow every street within 24 hours after the storm ends.
  • More Than Six Inches: Crews are usually able to plow every street within 48 hours after the storm ends.

During very heavy snowfall, plows may need to concentrate on keeping main roads open, diverting operations from secondary roads.

Missed Streets

If you believe your street was not plowed, contact the Bureau of Highways at or 410-887-3560.


To minimize the amount of snow that could be plowed back into your driveway by a passing plow, always shovel snow toward the right of your driveway (facing the street) or into your yard. Snow plows are angled to the right, so shoveling to the right is the best way to keep snow from being plowed back in.

Revised March 25, 2014

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