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Police Response to the Mentally Ill

The Baltimore County Police Department has recognized a need to further enhance the abilities of law enforcement officers in their response and interactions with people in crisis. In 1995, the Baltimore County Police launched a week long training initiative to teach law enforcement officers strategies and skills to effectively respond, communicate and resolve issues related to mental health crises.

This training has been designed to provide insight into people who experience a mental illness and issues related to mental illness. There has been a realization that law enforcement officers serve as the front-line responders in the community. They frequently face situations that require a rapid, sensitive and skilled response.

If the person has mental illness, how will the officer know? How will they react? We have designed a curriculum to help officers recognize and respond to an individual who may have a mental illness. This curriculum contains pertinent information including summary sheets, handouts, lesson plans and objectives. This material is an excellent educational tool to help officers provide a better quality of life for the citizens to which they serve. Police Response the Mentally Ill Presentation (PDF)

Police logo in the background of words Police Response to the Mentally Ill.

Curriculum prepared by:

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Maryland Chapter - Metropolitan Baltimore

Baltimore County Health Department
Bureau of Mental Health

The Baltimore County Police Department
Baltimore County, Maryland

Revised January 17, 2012

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