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Baltimore County Police Department K9 Unit

Members of the K-9 Unit pose for us.

Facts About the K-9 Unit

  • BCPD K-9 has been in existence since 1961.
  • It is the second oldest K-9 Unit in the State.
  • It is temporarily housed at the Support Operations Division at PC12 – North Point.
  • It currently has 29 dogs handled by 25 handlers.
  • It provides coverage for patrol use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • It provides 24 hour on-call coverage for Explosives Detection and Search & Rescue.
  • It provides one trained Cadaver Dog for investigations or natural disasters.
  • It is staffed by full-time trainers who provide year round training and re-training. Training is made available to other jurisdictions.


Patrol and Specialty K-9 Dogs

The K9 Unit handles 10,000 calls for service a year.  Patrol dogs are cross trained in CDS or Explosives detection.  The dogs provide support to all units of the Baltimore County Police Department, as well as other jurisdictions.

Patrol dogs go through sixteen weeks of Patrol Training and eight weeks of Specialty Training.  Specialty dogs go through eight weeks of Specialty Training.  All of the dogs are continuously re-trained monthly throughout the year.  They are re-certified twice every year.

In addition to the Patrol and Specialty dogs, the K9 Unit has a Cadaver dog and Bloodhound available for Search and Rescue.  A Police Cadaver dog is a rare commodity.  It has drawn requests for assistance from both in and out of state jurisdictions.

View the dogs in obedience training.
K-9 Obedience Training
View the dogs and handlers at attention.
Handlers and dogs at attention
The dogs are awaiting a command from their handlers.
Dogs awaiting a command from their handlers
View one of the dogs at rest.
One of the dogs at rest
View a Search and Rescue dog in training.
A Patrol dog in search mode

Questions or Requests

Any questions or requests may be made by calling 410-887-0906.

Revised June 13, 2011

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