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Tire Deflation Device Training

The Baltimore County Police Department utilizes tire deflation devices (also known as traffic spikes, tire shredders, one-way traffic treadles, stingers and stop sticks) to impede or stop the movement of wheeled vehicles by puncturing their tires. Generally, the strip is composed of a collection of 1.5 to three inch-long metal barbs, teeth or spikes pointing upward. The barbs are designed to puncture and flatten tires when a vehicle is driven over them. Hollow barbs are designed to become embedded in the tires and allow air to escape at a steady pace in an attempt to reduce the risk of the driver crashing into oncoming traffic or the surroundings. It was co-invented by Donald Kilgrow, a retired Utah Highway Patrol trooper, along with a design engineer.

Review the Tire Deflation Device video.

The training takes place at the Maryland Police and Corrections Driver Training course. The class is an eight hour program that includes classroom instruction, a written test and practical application of the sticks in the afternoon. The MPCTC Driver Training Facility is located at 7310 Slacks Road, Sykesville, Maryland 21784.


Image of the instructor tossing the device across the road.
Image of the instructor pulling the device across the road.
Image of the tire defaltion device ready to stop a vehicle.
Image of the flattened tire with spikes.

Contact Ms. Jeannie Talbott for scheduling by email at jtalbott@baltimorecountymd.gov or by calling 410-887-5642.

Revised February 26, 2015

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