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Police Department Training Section

In-Service Training Guidelines

The In-Service Training program will address mandated topics as required by: the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Commission, and the Baltimore County Police Department.

Beginning with the 2012 In-Service Training program, the Training Section began utilizing a computer based learning program approved by MPCTC. Access to the computer based learning program is available on the Baltimore County Police Department Intranet site, under the Training Tab. Sworn personnel required to attend in-service training will be required to read and review the material prior to attending their scheduled in-service training. Access to the Training Tab should be available from Precinct or Office computers as well as the laptops in patrol cars. A written test will be given as the first class during In-Service. A passing score of 80 percent must be attained on the computer based training in order to attend the classroom portion of In-Service Training. Sworn personnel who fail to attain the passing score of 80 percent will be required to return to their duty station, re-read and review the material and reschedule their in-service training.   

We will continue to use a registration system for scheduling attendance at In-Service and Specialized Training Programs. This is done to avoid having either too many or too few in a classroom. We believe that controlling the class size will lead to a more comfortable classroom environment, which will lead to a better setting for learning.

The In-Service Training Team needs your help in making our training program a success. The following guidelines have been established to provide a quality-training atmosphere.


Attendance is mandatory; therefore, a daily sign-in is necessary to ensure compliance. If you need to miss class for any reason, you must notify the In-Service Training Team. Upon returning, you must notify the In-Service Training Team. If you miss part of the program, it is your responsibility to make it up.

All sworn personnel attending In-Service Training must be full duty. Failure to complete In-Service Training will result in a suspension of your police powers at the end of the calendar year.          


 In-Service Training starts at 0730 hours and ends at 1530 hours. Lateness will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Lateness may result in not being admitted into class and will require you to reschedule your attendance.


The Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Campus went tobacco-free as of July 1, 2012. Use of tobacco is only permitted in personal vehicles on the perimeter road surrounding the campus.

Pagers and Cellular Phones  

Pagers and cellular telephones will be turned off or put on silent mode while in the classroom. If this cannot be done, leave them at home or in your vehicle. Sending or receiving text messages during classroom instruction will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy could result in administrative action and/or the removal from the In-Service program. 


The cafeteria at the Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Campus has been renovated and is now open. The new cafeteria has a full menu. Personnel may still pack and bring a lunch. A lunch break of one half hour will be provided.  


During breaks, please use the classroom, the common areas away from other classrooms or outside. Remember, there are other classes going on in the building. Try not to disturb them.


Canceling your In-Service class should be avoided except in cases of an emergency. You are required to notify both the In-Service Training Team, and your duty assignment, of your absence. It will be your responsibility, through your supervisor and Section Training Coordinator, to reschedule In-Service Training.


No parking permits are required to park on the Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Campus property. There are no reserved parking spaces at the Training Section, with the exception of the redlined spaces for faculty and staff. Parking will be on a first come, first serve basis. The primary parking area at the Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Campus for our facility is Lot “B”. This lot fills quickly, especially when we have multiple programs running at the same time. Be cognizant of the Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Campus parking regulations and park only in spaces painted white.


Members attending the In-Service Training Program held at the Training Section or the Firearms Range may wear the Class ‘B’ Uniform, court attire or professional-casual attire as authorized by Colonel Joseph Burris. Shorts, tank tops, sandals, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. are not considered “professionally casual.”

If special clothing is required for any training exercise, those members involved will be advised prior to the class so that arrangements can be made.

Phone Calls     

Telephones are available in the upstairs classrooms for departmental use. Since they are inside the classroom, use will be restricted to breaks and lunch only. No long distance calls will be allowed unless they are duty related. Please contact a staff member before making long distance calls.


Supervisors should determine personnel needs and schedule personnel accordingly. Submit a list of officers’ scheduled dates to your Section Training Coordinator. Any problems or conflicts with the schedule will be addressed with your Section Training Coordinator. 


Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions regulations mandate that all approved courses include a test. Programs that test by demonstration or performance, such as practical exercises, will be graded on a Pass-Fail basis.

Revised February 25, 2015

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