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What is "Semper Eruditio"?

This is an image of the Traffic Training Team logo.

When the Traffic Training Team was conceived and created, it was with the idea of being a central point for all traffic training for Baltimore County police officers. Training had been fragmented prior to the inception of the Traffic Training Team and the Team's mission was to ensure that such training would continue to be available to those officers desiring to improve themselves in such areas as speed enforcement, impaired driver detection and crash investigation techniques.

Such commitment to continuing education for the street officer was the inspiration for the motto "Semper Eruditio" or "Always Learning". By offering a variety of classes designed to improve the abilities of officers in the field, the Team feels that it has taken the officer to the "next level". The Team is committed to the concept that an officer who constantly seeks more knowledge will therefore become a better, more efficient law enforcement professional. The officer who is "always learning" is an officer who will be better equipped to serve the citizens of Baltimore County.

Revised January 25, 2012

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