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Speed Chronograph Operator Course

Image of Robic Speed Chronograph.

This one-day class covers the history and theory of Time/Distance speed enforcement. The course was designed for the patrol officer who is unable to receive training in VASCAR+ and desires to utilize the Robic Speed Chronograph for speed enforcement. This training will certify the officer in the use of the Robic SC-514, 544, 554 and 800 speed chronographs approved for use by this Department. The student will receive classroom instruction in the morning, be given a written test, practice with the speed chronograph and complete 25 clocks with a speed chronograph instructor during the afternoon. Those students successfully completing these steps will be certified in it's use that day.

Note: No citations, warnings or traffic stops using the Speed Chronograph are to be made until the entire process is completed!

Requirements For Attendance:

This class is open to any interested officer. The student must obtain a speed chronograph before the day of the class. The coordinators can provide potential students with locations where they may procure the chronograph. Outside jurisdictions should contact their department's training coordinator to arrange for seats in the class, pending the approval by their Department. Officers selected for this class need to bring note-taking materials, a calculator and a speed chronograph for the classroom phase of this training.

Revised January 23, 2012

Revised April 6, 2016         


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