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At-Scene Crash Investigation: Level 1

This course will arm the student with the necessary skills to conduct a thorough traffic crash investigation and properly document findings for courtroom presentation. The course is taught by experienced Crash Reconstructionists and is designed for the patrol or traffic officer with an interest in investigating motor vehicle crashes.

The student will be shown the proper procedures for measuring, scale diagramming, and photographing in order to record physical evidence and essential facts available only at the crash scene. The student will learn the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and engineering as they pertain to crash investigations and the proper mathematical equations to apply for the type of crash being investigated. Finally, the student will learn to analyze the information to determine what happened before, during and after the collision.

This is the first level of crash investigation training and will include numerous practical exercises.


  • Physical evidence from the roadway
  • Physical evidence from the vehicle
  • The human element and occupant kinematics
  • Mathematical principles and equations
  • Skid marks and vehicle speeds
  • Crash scene photography
  • Traffic templates
  • Measuring and scale diagramming
  • Driver and witness interviews

Requirements For Attendance

Officers desiring attendance should forward a request for same through their station coordinators. Officers selected for this class need to bring note-taking materials, a two-inch binder, hi-liter and a drafting compass.

This course is hosted by the Traffic Training Team and registration for officers from agencies other than Baltimore County can be completed by visiting the Maryland Crash Reconstruction Committee website.

Revised December 16, 2015

Revised April 6, 2016         


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