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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Internet Fraud FAQs 
Find more information and answers to questions about internet fraud

Miscellaneous FAQs 
Find answers to frequently asked questions for miscellaneous subjects, including

Parking Vehicle Regulations 
Read the Baltimore County Code ordinances for parking of vehicles. To read the code online, follow these steps:

1. Select Baltimore County Code.
2. On the Baltimore County Code of Ordinances screen, select "No Frames". 
3. On the Baltimore County Code screen, in the Search field type in "parking", and select "Search".
4. Select #8 - Title 2. Vehicles and Traffic.
5. On the "Title 2. Vehicles and Traffic" display, select "18-2-201 Manner of parking vehicles generally". 
6. The specific Baltimore County Code dealing with parking vehicles should appear on-screen.   

Property FAQs 
Find more information about unclaimed property that is held, and disposed of, by the Baltimore County Police Department. 

Seasonal FAQs 
Get more information about some of the Baltimore County ordinances that deal specifically with the winter or summer months

Vehicle Law Regulations 
Find out more about the regulations for all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, motorized scooters and mopeds.

Note: For police-related questions not answered above, contact the Baltimore County Police Department online.

Revised March 25, 2015

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