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Baltimore County Police - Compliments and Complaints

Quality of Service

The Baltimore County Police Department strives to deliver the highest possible quality of service to the citizens of Baltimore County and those who visit our County. Monitoring services rendered is necessary to ensure the continued integrity of the Department.

Compliments Regarding Service

There may be occasions where you wish to commend a particular officer or section of the Department for services rendered. Your comments are welcome and are important to us. These remarks and complimentary letters may be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police, or to the particular individual's Commander.

Complaints Against Department Personnel

Complaints can be lodged at any time and at any Department facility regardless of where the alleged violation occurred.

Complaints can be filed by mail, in person, or by telephone. All members of the Department are authorized to receive complaints. All complaints will be handled confidentially.

The Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division oversees all internal investigations to assure thoroughness and fairness. Many investigations are assigned to the commander of the accused officer.

Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Internal Affairs Division part of the Police Department?
A. Yes, but this section operates independently of all the other divisions and sections of the department and reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Q. Are all complaints accepted?
A. All complaints are subject to investigation except those regarding differences of opinion on the instance of criminal charges, traffic citations, or parking citations.

Q. How much time do I have to file a complaint?
A. Complaints should be filed as soon as practical. Delays in filing a complaint could seriously hamper an investigation since, as time passes, evidence may be lost, personal memory of the incident may diminish, and witnesses may become hard to locate.

Q. How do complaints of brutality differ?
A. Brutality complaints are governed by State law and must be notarized and filed within 90 days of the incident unless the Internal Affairs Commander, upon complaint review, determines the necessity of an immediate investigation.

Q. How long do internal investigations take?
A. Investigations of police officers are governed by state law and certain procedures must be followed. All investigations are completed as soon as possible.

Q. How will I be informed as to the outcome of an investigation?
A. Findings are mailed to the complainants at the conclusion of an investigation. In some instances, commanders may contact a complainant personally in lieu of sending a letter.

Q. What happens if I make a false complaint?
A. Complainants may be held responsible both criminally and civilly for knowingly making false statements or complaints.

Revised February 8, 2013

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