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The Highway Safety Act was established in 1966 by the United States Congress to reduce injuries and fatalities on our nations roadways. Since that time, highway safety grants have been awarded to states and municipalities to help achieve this goal.  Baltimore County receives a grant each year from the Maryland Highway Safety Office. Presently, the grant is given to, and administered by, the Baltimore County Police Department. Currently, the grants are managed by two Community Traffic Safety Program Coordinators – one a sworn police officer and one a civilian. These positions are responsible for writing grant proposals and activities, coordinating the programs, tracking the results and reporting to Highway Safety office.

In order to address traffic problems in the county and keep the community involved, a coalition was initiated. The coalition, which meets bi-monthly, is open to all Baltimore County residents and businesses. The goal of this coalition is to seek community involvement with regard to the use of grant funds.


Baltimore County Advocates for Community Traffic Safety (BCACTS) aims to promote and increase traffic safety in Baltimore County through the use of education and enforcement programs.

Revised July 21, 2014

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