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Department of Planning
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Housing Opportunities

On June 17, 2014 the Baltimore County Department of Planning hosted the Affordable Housing Development Breakfast Conference.  Learn more about the Conference and view the presentations.





Program Objective

The overall objective of the Housing Opportunities Program is to improve housing stock and preserve neighborhoods by working with community-based organizations, creating homeownership opportunities, assisting homeowners to bring their residences up to Baltimore County codes and standards, and to stimulate the development and redevelopment of high quality multifamily housing for County renters.

The county's commitment within its fiscal capacity is to ensure that each of its residents has the resources to enjoy a high quality of life and that each of its communities is livable and attractive. Among these resources is the right of fair and equal access to housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and affordable. Baltimore County is making an effort to maintain its institutional and financial capacity to ensure the availability of housing for all its citizens.

The County will undertake the following activities to maintain and increase access to affordable housing by:

  • Assisting first-time low-to-moderate income homebuyers to purchase existing homes within the community conservation areas
  • Increasing the availability of affordable and workforce housing within existing older communities
  • Creating housing opportunities for populations with special needs, including the elderly, people with disabilities and households of low or fixed income
  • Building and increasing community-based capacity to acquire and rehabilitate existing housing as part of a community-based redevelopment strategy
  • Promoting the use of sustainable design and green housing techniques in the construction of and the rehabilitation of affordable housing
  • Promoting maintenance of the current supply of decent, affordable, assisted housing within the context of stable, well-maintained and well-serviced neighborhoods
  • Promoting full utilization of all existing subsidies, including Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Providing opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and asset development needed to empower assisted housing program participants
  • Promoting fair housing and equal opportunity in housing

These activities represent sound investments in the future of the county, as well as in the future of each of its citizens. These activities complement the county's broader housing strategies that are not necessarily income-based, but focus on the stabilization and revitalization of older neighborhoods. These strategies also build community capacity necessary to address housing issues and to increase the supply of affordable, decent and safe housing.

For a complete listing of housing loan and grant programs please see the Overview of Baltimore County Home Ownership and Home Improvement Initiatives (PDF).

Affordable Housing Development Breakfast Conference

On June 17, 2014 the Baltimore County Department of Planning hosted a breakfast conference on developing affordable housing in Baltimore County. Representatives from public financing agencies, market rate and affordable housing developers, legal, federal, state and local agencies participated in three panel discussions presented information on financing the development of affordable housing. Panel topics included:

  • Using Public Funds to Finance Affordable Housing
  • Leveraging Public Funds with Private Financing
  • Subsidy Layering: A Developer’s Perspective

The conference was held at Towson University’s College of Liberal Arts where more than fifty participants listened to excellent presentations followed by a lively question and answer session. Presenters included:

  • Mary Ann Henderson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Multifamily Office
  • Patricia Sylvester, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Development Administration
  • Jeffrey Hettleman, The Shelter Group
  • Steve Smith, Enterprise Social Investment Corporation
  • Edmund Delany, Capital One Bank
  • Jonathan Wittkopf, Citi Community Capital
  • Jessica Zuniga, Conifer Realty, LLC
  • Daniel Henson, The Henson Development Company
  • Marsha Parham, Baltimore County Housing Office

Presentations given by Mary Ann Henderson, Patricia Sylvester, Jeffrey Hettleman, Daniel Henson and Jessica Zuniga are available as PDF files for viewing.

Elizabeth Glenn, Deputy Director - Neighborhood Improvement
Phone: 410-887-2908

Revised June 23, 2014

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