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Baltimore County Historic Properties Inventory

Baltimore County's historic properties inventory contains more than 3,000 historic and/or potential historic structures in Baltimore County, many of which have been given a Maryland Historic Trust (MHT) inventory number known as a "BA number" or a "Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties (MIHP)" number. The County inventory also includes some County Historic District and some National Register District structures.

Find the Inventory

Find the most complete inventory of Baltimore County historic properties at the Maryland Historic Trust's Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties Surveys.

  1. Inventory Number
    Number assigned by the Maryland Historical Trust, shown as "BA-xxxxx"
  2. Property Name
    Private residences this is usually, but not always, the name of the original or subsequent owner(s).
  3. Location
    Street address and/or state tax map and parcel numbers.
  4. Status
    Landmark, District and/or National Register listing, source date, etc.
  5. Structure Details
    Architectural features, date, etc.
  6. Capsule Summary
    Paragraph highlighting significant aspects of the structure or property’s history.
  7. Photograph
    When available

Help Update Baltimore County's Inventory

Baltimore County's historic inventory is constantly evolving. Find out what you can do to improve the inventory.

Revised December 8, 2011

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