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Planned Unit Development

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) is an optional process permitted by Baltimore County Code Section 32-4-241, et seq. Bill 5-10 (PDF), enacted changes to the PUD requirements and processes for review shifting review and approval from the Planning Board to the Administrative Law Judge. Recent legislation, Bill 36-11 (PDF), requires a post-submission community input meeting following the submission of an application to the County Council for a PUD. The Planned Unit Development process does not establish new zoning, but is intended to create a development “in which residential and/or commercial uses are approved subject to restrictions calculated to achieve the compatible and efficient use of land, including the consideration of any detrimental impact upon adjacent residential communities.”

Planned Unit Development (Section 430 of the BCZR) process may be used for a

  • General Development PUD (Section 430.3)
  • Bed-and-breakfast PUD (Section 430.5)

Summary Overview (PDF)

PUD Submittal Requirements 

The Department has compiled a chart of submittal requirements (PDF), a timeline (PDF) and a pattern book checklist (PDF) for the PUD process. Applicants should always verify this information against the Baltimore County Code, the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations and any recently adopted legislation.

Lynn Lanham, Division Chief
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Revised March 31, 2014

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