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Legislative projects are begun in response to County Council Resolutions, Planning Board initiatives, County Executive requests, and Master Plan recommendations. Planning staff prepares reports recommending amendments to zoning and other regulations to the Planning Board. Staff also tracks State and County legislation, and presents legislation of interest to the Planning Board.

Proposed Towson Urban Center

The Proposed Towson Urban Center (TUC) overlay district suggests a comprehensive review process for downtown Towson that is design driven. Responding to Council Resolution 113-14, the purpose of the overlay district is to eliminate the CT overlay as it exists and replace with a new specialized overly district that will require all projects within the boundaries to be reviewed before the Design Review Panel. This approach builds upon and unifies the various plans and regulations that have been successively recognized in the importance of high quality urban design in Towson.

The underlying zoning will remain in place and govern land use. However, all properties contained within the boundaries of the TUC will not be required to comply with traditional prescriptive zoning regulations that govern setbacks, floor area ratio or parking but will instead be guided by and reviewed by the County’s Design Review Panel who will analyze projects against a set of established design guidelines and ultimately make a recommendation to the hearing officer. 

Staff Contact:
Laurie Hay
Phone: 410-887-3480

County Council Resolution 73-13

County Council Resolution 73-13 (PDF), was introduced on August 5, 2013 requesting the Baltimore County Planning Board review relevant County laws and regulations relating to the use of land for the accessory non-commercial, raising and keeping of small livestock, fowl or poultry, and to report their findings to the County Council. The Department of Planning worked with staff from the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS), the Department of Health, the University of Maryland Baltimore County Extension and interested constituents to develop a report that was submitted to the Planning Board for approval.

The report was introduced to the Planning Board on June 4, 2015. The Planning Board held a public hearing on June 18, 2015 and voted to approve it with amendments on July 16, 2015. The final report, The Accessory Non-Commercial Raising and Keeping of Small Livestock, Fowl or Poultry (PDF) was transmitted to the County Council who will make a final decision on the proposed zoning regulation amendments.

Staff Contact:
Jessie Bialek
Phone: 410-887-3521

Revised July 1, 2016         


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