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Permits, Approvals and Inspections
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Notice of Intent to Reduce or Return Security

This notice will be posted for 30 days. If this office has not received notification within 30 days of the date shown below, that a person having a written contract with the applicant for work covered in the agreement has not been paid, the security will be reduced or returned.

For further information please contact Brenda Payne of Permits, Approvals and Inspections by email or call 410-887-3321.

Post Date: April 9, 2015
Project: Shadow Knoll
Applicant:  Shadow Knoll LLC
Agreement Number: 12034 UAO, 12036 RAO
PAI Number: 14-0482

Post Date: April 3, 2015
Project: Gill Simpson Inc.
Applicant:  Gill Simpson, Inc.
Agreement Number: 10153 UAO
PAI Number: 04-0706

Post Date: March 30, 2015
Project: Y and T Development LLC Stocksdale Avenue
Applicant: Y and T Development LLC
Agreement Number: 13189 UAO
PAI Number: N/A

Post Date: March 20, 2015
Project: Cook and Drenning Properties
Applicant: John A. Boender III and Gregory S. Drenning
Agreement Number: 10030 UAO
PAI Number: N/A

Post Date: March 20, 2015
Project: Sparks Corporate Center
Applicant: Sparks LLC
Agreement Number: 00106 UAO, 00107 RAO
PAI Number: 08-0722

Post Date: March 12, 2015
Project: Lockheed Martin GW Remediation
Applicant: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Agreement Number: 14021 RAO
PAI Number: N/A

Post Date: March 12, 2015
Project: Gunpowder Overlook
Applicant:  Route One Development Company, Inc.
Agreement Number: 13103 UAO
PAI Number: 11-1109

Revised April 10, 2015

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