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File a Rat Complaint

County residents may call in complaints or request information using the Code Enforcement telephone number, 410-887-3351, or file a Code Complaint online.

If you use the online complaint form, please give as much specific information as possible regarding where the rats, rat burrows or rat runs have been seen, and how you may be contacted for more information. Please fill out the online form only if you have seen rats in a specific location. Do not file a general complaint for an entire neighborhood.

What Happens Next

Your complaint information will be given to the appropriate area sanitarian or inspector for investigation. You can search for the status of an existing complaint online.

The County will keep a record of your complaint and use it to generate statistics, which help to pinpoint neighborhoods with significant rodent control problems.

 Revised November 5, 2014


Revised April 6, 2016        

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