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Get Rid of Rats - Comply with the Law

Rats and their association with human populations have had a negative impact on health, economics, and the quality of life for thousands of years. They can destroy stored crops or your home garden. Most importantly they may carry other pests such as fleas, which can transmit deadly diseases.

Rats are a community problem that must be addressed by all residents. When a rat infestation exists at one location it may easily spread to adjacent properties.

To help alleviate this problem, Baltimore County has hired a licensed exterminator to treat areas affected by this issue. We will be treating homes with alley access. Notification signs of when treatment will begin will be placed at the main street entrances of your community.

For further information about this treatment program, the type of rodenticide being used, to opt out of treatment, or to find out how you can assist, select the "Notification and Opt Out form" (PDF) or call 410-887-3351.

Rat Attack Program

Image of Rat Attack logo.

Baltimore County has established a rat control program, "Rat Attack," to both provide rodent control information to the public and to enforce County regulations which address the root causes of rodent infestation in the community.

In this section, you will learn:


Revised April 13, 2016        

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