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Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are licensing requirements different for guide dogs?

A. Yes. Licensing requirements are different for guide dogs. Find instructions and the necessary forms for applying for a guide dog license.

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Q. Does my cat or dog require an annual license even if it never goes outside?

A. Yes. All dogs and cats that are four months of age or older and kept in Baltimore County for longer than 30 days per year must be licensed annually. Find detailed information on associated fees, required documents and how to apply.

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Q. What is a fancier kennel/cattery?

A. "Fancier kennel or cattery" is a kennel or cattery maintained by a fancier for the maintenance or training of the dog or cat owned or kept by the fancier. If you have more than three dogs, you must obtain a license. Rabies certificate for each animal must accompany the application when submitted.

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Q. How do I qualify for a fancier kennel license?

A. Not all addresses qualify for a license. Only property addresses in certain designated zones are permitted kennel license, unless granted by "Special Exception" Zoning hearing. Prior to submitting an application, you may call Zoning Review (410-887-3391) to get information on whether your address meets Zoning requirements.

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Q. Do I qualify for a Non-Profit Holding Facility?

A. If your facility is operating as a "humane organization" or rescue shelter, along with your application you must submit proof of your non-profit status, such as Charter, 501-C for charitable organizations, or any other qualifying documentation.

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Q. What do I need if my dog is protection-trained?

A. Any person who keeps a protection-trained on the person's property or premises shall post a conspicuous warning at least 4 inches high, that protection-trained dogs are or could be present on the property. The warning needs to be readily noticeable from all normal and regular entrances to the property.

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Q. Is a permit required to have a parade, walkathon, march, bike rally, or similar activity?

A. Yes. You must submit a completed application a minimum of 45 days prior to the event date. The application must include information relating to the assembly and dispersal areas; starting and ending times; and the number of persons, animals, and vehicles in the parade. Information relating to the route of the parade, which must include the streets and/or highways through which the parade will pass, is also required. For additional information and permit fees, contact the Miscellaneous Permit and License Processing Bureau at 410-887-3616.

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Q. What do I need to play bingo games in Baltimore County?

A. A Bingo License (PDF) is required to sponsor bingo games in Baltimore County. Only charitable, religious, and certain other "qualifying" organizations are permitted to obtain a bingo license. Commercial bingo, i.e., bingo played for personal profit, is not permitted. Additionally, bingo licensees are permitted to sponsor bingo a maximum of two days/nights per week. Bingo is not allowed on Sundays. Applications need to be submitted at least 14 days prior to the bingo event. For additional information, contact the Miscellaneous Permit and Licenses Bureau at 410-887-3616.

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Q. The non-profit charitable organization that I belong to is sponsoring an event that will include raffles and other games of chance. Are any permits required for these activities?

A. Yes. Anyone holding a non-profit public entertainment or gathering in the county must obtain a Non-Profit Public Gathering Permit. Public entertainment, performances, or exhibitions of any kind that include personal profit must obtain a Public Exhibition License. Games of chance, such as raffles and paddle wheels, may only be included if a Baltimore County non-profit organization has obtained a Gaming Permit. Cards or roulette may be included only if a Casino Event Permit (PDF) has been obtained. Dice games and slot machines are prohibited. For additional information, contact the Miscellaneous Permit and License Processing Bureau at 410-887-3616.

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Q. Do I need to register my mini-bike and/or off-the-road motorcycle with Baltimore County?

A.Yes. Anyone driving or owning a mini-bike and/or off-the-road motorcycle (PDF) must obtain a Baltimore County registration card and plate. For additional information or to register your mini-bike and or off-the-road motorcycle, contact the Miscellaneous Permit and License Processing Bureau at 410-887-3616.

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Q.What other permits or licenses handled are handled by this bureau?

A. Yes. This bureau also issues permits and licenses including but not limited to:

  • Amusement Halls and Roller Skating Rink Licenses 
  • Auctioneer Licenses 
  • Coin-Operated Amusement Device Licenses (PDF) and Vendor Registrations (PDF)
  • Film Production Permits
  • Fire Extinguisher Service Licenses
  • Food Service Facility Permits (Healthcare Facilities Only)
  • Hotel/Motel Licenses
  • Pet Shop Licenses, Grooming Parlor Licenses, Wild Animal Permits, etc.
  • Public Swimming Pools / Beach Permits
  • Recreational Camp Licenses
  • Residential Parking Permits (Only for areas designated Residential Permit Parking)
  • Solid Waste Collection or Processing Facility Permits
  • Taxicab Driver Licenses (PDF)
  • Towing Vehicle Licenses (Accident and Trespass) (PDF)
  • Trailer Park Permits
  • Trailer (Commercial and Residential) Permits

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Q. Where can I obtain a business license?

A. Business licenses are obtained through the Clerk of the Court at 410-887-2607.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact the Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses at 410-887-3616, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Revised May 9, 2016        

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