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Animal Services

Miscellaneous Permits and License Forms and Applications

The following downloadable forms and information (PDF) are frequently used when applying for licenses and permits and will open in a new window. These forms may be filled in and printed.


Note: As of July 1, 2011, the fees for coin-operated amusement devices have increased. $1,000 per simulated gaming device, $200 per device for all other devices. Simulated gaming devices or simulated gaming machine is defined as any amusement device equipped with a knock-off device that enables an owner or custodian of the device to remove free plays or other game credits accumulated by a winning player and/or accumulates credits and/or has a bonus feature.

Animal Licenses (Cat and Dog)

Appeal Fees



Camp License


Electronic Device Dealers

Film Production

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Permit

Food Trucks

Hotel and Motel License

Mini-bike and Off-Road Vehicle Registration Application


Residential Parking

Scrap Metal Processors License

Solicitation of Donations

Solid Waste


Towing Applications

These forms are used when applying for police-initiated and trespass towing.

Police Initiated Towing


Revised November 5, 2015

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