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Baltimore County Minor Subdivisions' Submittal Reports

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A map of Baltimore County by council districts.

Residential Minor Subdivision projects that have been submitted to Baltimore County for review are listed, by Council District, in reports which summarize all new subdivision plans (beginning with the most recent). Baltimore County Code, Section 32-4-106(B)(5) provides an exemption from portions of the Development Regulations for the subdivision of land into three or fewer lots for residential single-family dwellings.

Minor subdivisions:


Call the Bureau of Development Management and ask for a project manager: 410-887-3335.

The following links will lead to Minor Subdivision Reports (PDF) grouped by council districts and will open in a new window. These reports are updated every 2 weeks.

District 1        District 2        District 3       District 4        District 5        District 6        District 7

Revised June 13, 2011

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