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Office of Information Technology
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Tower Review Committee

Not all tower and antenna matters must go before the Tower Review Committee. Before contacting the committee, determine which review process your inquiry follows.

Baltimore County Zoning Regulations Section 426 defines the responsibilities of the Tower Review Committee in the review of siting wireless telecommunications towers and antennas.

Antennae should be placed on existing towers, buildings and structures, including those of public utilities, where feasible. If it is found that a new tower must be built, the tower should be constructed to accommodate at least three providers, erected in a medium or high density commercial zone when available and located and designed to minimize its visibility from residential and transitional zones.

Tower Committee Members

The Tower Committee consists of:

  • A Tower Coordinator, who shall have the technical expertise regarding the siting of wireless telecommunications towers and shall serve as committee chairperson
  • The Director of the Department of Planning or the Director's designee
  • The Director of the Office of Information Technology or the Director's designee
  • An at-large citizen representative appointed by the County Council
  • Additional representatives of other governmental agencies as determined by the Tower Coordinator

The Office of Information Technology will publicize meetings on the County web site as well as the Maryland Daily Record at least two weeks prior to the meeting date. These are public meetings and not public hearings.

Page Last Reviewed: July 18, 2011
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