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Tower Review Committee Application Process

Not all tower and antenna matters must go before the Tower Review Committee. Before contacting the committee, determine which review process your inquiry follows.

Application Requirements

Submit a letter with your completed application summarizing your proposal and requesting a meeting with the Tower Review Committee. Applications should be submitted no later then the first Tuesday of the month to be considered for the end of the month meeting (last Tuesday of the month). 

Download the application (PDF) to view and print.

Important Note: Applicant’s are responsible for providing complete application packages. Incomplete applications will be rejected, and shall lose their priority in terms of the order in which the requests are reviewed and concluded. Notification of rejected applications will be provided by Property Management. Additionally, the county does not conduct historical, environmental, and title surveys.

Submit your completed packet to:

Baltimore County Office of Electronic Services/Telecommunications
ATTN: Donna M Fair, Cell Tower Administrator
11112 Gilroy Road, Suite 101, Mailstop 1104A
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Required Technical Information

Include the following with your application and letter:

  • 10 copies of coverage maps in color, depicting the coverage of the company in the area from all existing and surrounding sites.
  • 10 copies of color maps depicting expected coverage with the new tower.
  • Decibel levels must be shown for the type of coverage required. (For example, in vehicle coverage or in building coverage. Color coded map legends must be correctly labeled and coordinated map area decibel levels.)
  • 10 copies of construction site plan.
  • 10 copies of antenna specifications
  • Submit one PDF copy of the above information by CD or e-mail to
  • A $5,000 application fee payable by check to "Baltimore County, Maryland."
  • In accordance with Section 15-9 of the Baltimore County Code, all cell tower applications submitted to the Tower Review Committee after January 1, 2011, shall be charged a fee of $5,000.
  • Color pictures of the area, with and without tower simulations.
  • Documentation that other co-location opportunities will not work. Identify the locations that have been considered. Include communications with landlords.
  • Documentation from community leaders concerning community outreach attempts.

Revised April 7, 2016        

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