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Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription Drug Discount Card

Q. How much does the plan cost?

A. Your prescription discount card is provided to you free of charge by the County.

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Q. Does everyone in my family need an individual card?

A. No. Everyone in the family may use the same card if desired.

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Q. Can I use this card to receive discounts on my pet's medications?

A. Yes, if your pet has been prescribed a medication, you may receive a discount on the medication by taking the prescription to a participating retail pharmacy.

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Q. I just received my card. Can I use it right away?

A. Yes, just use your card to start saving immediately. Present your prescription discount card at a participating retail pharmacy when you fill or refill your prescriptions.

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Q. I lost my card. How can I get a replacement?

A. Please call toll free 1-877-321-2652.

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Q. Can I use my card to get discounts on over-the-counter products and non-prescription medication?

A. Not usually; however, discounts are available for many diabetic supplies.

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Q. How is this prescription discount program different from traditional prescription insurance? 

A. This plan is not insurance; it is a prescription discount program. The card provides immediate discounts at the pharmacy. Upon presenting your card to the pharmacist, you will pay either a discounted price or the pharmacist's regular retail price, whichever is lower. There are no claim forms to fill out and no limit to the number of times you can use the card. These discounts are available only at participating retail pharmacies. 

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Q. Can I use my prescription discount card with my current insurance benefit to reduce my costs?

A. Your card cannot be used in conjunction with other insurance; however, you may use your card to purchase prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance plan.

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Participating Pharmacies and Pricing

Q. Which pharmacies accept the card?

A. The prescription discount card is accepted at over 57,000 retail pharmacies nationwide, including many of the leading chains, See a list of participating pharmacies (PDF), ask your local pharmacy if they participate or call toll free 1-877-321-2652 to find out if a specific pharmacy participates in the program.

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Q. How much will I save?

A. While savings on each prescription may vary, you can save an average of nearly 20 percent off of the pharmacy's regular retail prices for prescription drugs.

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Q. Will I always receive the lowest price?

A. Yes, You will receive the best price available through this program at the pharmacy. On occasion, pharmacies will price a particular medication lower than the discount rate provided by the card. If that occurs, you will receive the lower price.

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Q. Can I find out the discounted price of my prescriptions before going to the pharmacy?

A. Because prices can vary by location, only the actual pharmacy can tell you the prescription's exact price. You can look up an estimated price for medications at, or call toll free 1-877-321-2652.

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Q. Why did the price of my prescription change since the last time I purchased the prescription?

A. Drug prices are different from pharmacy to pharmacy. Even chains have different prices in their stores depending on the population they are serving. Additionally, manufacturers' drug prices change periodically.

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Q. The program information says I can save an average of nearly 20 percent on my prescription medication. Will I save 20 percent on all my medications?

A. Because a pharmacy's retail price or usual and customary charge can differ greatly, the amount of savings may vary depending on the prescription drug and the price you have paid before.

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Caremark Mail Service

Q. What is Mail Service?

A. With Caremark Mail Service program, you can purchase up to a 90-day supply of select medications. Just send in the mail service order form (PDF) along with your original prescription, to Caremark.

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Q. Which medications are available through the Caremark Mail Service?

A. Most common medications along with many specialty medications are available through Caremark.

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Q. What other services does Caremark offer?

A. The following are but a few of the reference materials and services Caremark offers:

If you wish to speak with a Caremark Mail Service representative call toll free 1-877-321-2652.

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Revised April 18, 2014


Revised April 6, 2016        

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