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Core Service Agency

The Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health, Core Service Agency (C.S.A.) is a unit of the Baltimore County Department of Health that is responsible for the planning, development, and monitoring of the public mental health services for Baltimore County residents. 

The Baltimore County C.S.A. coordinates mental health services for all ages, and oversee a network of providers offering outpatient clinics, day and residential rehabilitation services, case management, crisis services, and a host of specialized programs for various age groups and special populations. 

The Baltimore County C.S.A. work closely with the following Baltimore County departments and private sector groups to develop and refine services for the shared populations they all serve, including:

The Baltimore County C.S.A. works in partnership with the Behavioral Health Administration and Value Options, its contracted administrative services organization, to facilitate the access to care for clients and the service authorization and payment to providers. 

The C.S.A. serves as the local control and resource to address barriers encountered by either providers or clients in the provision of these mental health services. In addition, Quality Assurance personnel are responsible for identifying and/or responding to complaints and/or concerns related to the provision of these services.

 For more information about the Baltimore County C.S.A., call 410-887-3828.

Information for Individuals and Families

To schedule an appointment for publicly funded mental health services that accept Medical Assistance , please contact Value Options at 1-800-888-1965 or the County Crisis Hotline at 410-931-2214.

If you do not have insurance, you can apply with the Department of Social Services for Maryland Medical Assistance at 410-853-3000. You can apply to Maryland Primary Adult Care Program at 1-800-226-2142 in the event that you do not qualify for Medical Assistance. While you are waiting for your Medical Assistance or PAC card, if your need is urgent for mental health services you may contact a public mental health provider. If your income is too high for either program alternative resources may be available.

In many cases where County residents do not qualify for Maryland Medical Assistance, they do qualify for Maryland Primary Adult Care Program. Call 1-800-226-2142 to apply. In some cases, a psychiatrist or physician may have samples of medicines used in the treatment of mental illness.

As a last resort, the Bureau of Behavioral Health/Core Service Agency has a one-time only grant fund, which can assist qualifying applicants with their medications used for the treatment of mental illness. This fund is intended to assist those who are waiting for approval of their Medical Assistance or Primary Assistance Care. The application (PDF) must be completed by a case manager or other mental health professional.

To file a complaint regarding services received in Baltimore County, contact the Bureau of Behavioral Health / Core Service Agency at 410-887-3828.

If your child is covered by your private insurance plan, you must contact your insurance company for a list of covered providers convenient to you.

If your child has insurance coverage through the State of Maryland, contact any Outpatient Mental Health Center (OMHC) in Baltimore County to discuss the covered evaluation and treatment needs of your child, or contact Value Options at 800-888-1965 to find an OMHC location convenient to you or to discuss benefits that your child is eligible for.

Additional services may be available to children who are currently receiving therapy. Call 410-887-3828 for more information.

If you know an adult or elderly person who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, or who needs an evaluation to find out whether or not they suffer from a mental illness, contact the private insurance carrier for a listing of accepted providers. If the adult does not have a private insurer, they may qualify for coverage through the State of Maryland.

To apply for Maryland Medical Assistance in Baltimore County contact the Department of Social Services at 410-853-3000. Many people who do not qualify for Maryland Medical Assistance may still qualify for Maryland Primary Adult Care Program, call 1-800-226-2142 for more information.

To find out more about mental illnesses as well as the public and private agencies who serve persons with mental illness, visit the Mental Health Resources page.

If you are concerned about an elderly friend or relative (age 60 and over) who you believe needs help obtaining services for a mental illness, contact the Geriatric Service Team by calling Ms. Pat Karpook at 443-777-2221.

There are many helpful websites online that address various topics related to mental illness.

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Providers and Prospective Providers

For individuals and/or groups who are interested in becoming a licensed provider of any kind of mental health service within Baltimore County, please contact the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Office of Health Care Quality at 410-402-8030. You may also contact the Baltimore County Core Service Agency at 410-887-3828. Please ask for a member of the Quality Assurance Team.

The most current COMAR regulations, also known as Code of Maryland Regulations, can be found online through the Division of State Documents. The Mental Hygiene Regulations can be found under Title 10, Subtitle 21 of COMAR regulations.

Call the Bureau of Behavioral Health at 410-887-3828 to have your agency's information added to the "All Provider" contact list. This will allow your agency to receive information regarding provider meetings, trainings, and other events that are offered by the Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health / Core Services Agency.

Billing for publicly-funded mental health services is handled by Value Options. If your agency is having difficulty with the billing process, you should contact a representative of Value Options at 1-800-888-1965 for further assistance.

The Office of Health Care Quality (OCHQ) licenses assisted living facilities in the State of Maryland. OCHQ maintains a current listing of these facilities on their web site or call 410-402-8190. The listing is organized alphabetically by County.

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