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Baltimore County Department of Health
6401 York Road, Third Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21212-2130

Phone: 410-887-3828
TTY user call Maryland Relay
The Department provides language assistance services free of charge to persons with limited English proficiency.

The Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health is a unit in the Department of Health that in addition to receiving local funding for its operations, has been designated by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration as a Core Service Agency. The Bureau functions as the mental health authority for the administration of state funded services for people with mental illness residing in Baltimore County. To learn about the available services for the public or information for professionals, see the links below.

Services and Resources

24-Hour Hotlines

Baltimore County Crisis Response System
Phone: 410-931-2214

First Call for Help (all types of referrals)
Phone: 410-685-0525 or 211

Grassroots Crisis Line - suicide intervention hotline
Phone: 410-531-6677

Maryland Youth Crisis - suicide and other interventions
Phone: 1-800-422-0009

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Hotline
Phone: 410-828-6390

 Mental Health Advisory Council

The Mental Health Advisory Council serves as an advocate for a comprehensive mental health system for persons of all ages. The Council also serves as an advisory group to the Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health, which serves as the Core Services Agency for the County. Meetings are held every third Friday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Baltimore County Department of Health and are open to the public.

If you have questions regarding the Mental Health Advisory Council or wish to attend a meeting, call 410-887-3828.

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