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Fire Rescue Academy Staff Members

Contact the Baltimore County Fire Rescue Academy (FRA) staff via email by selecting a name below or by calling 410-887-7523.

The FRA's normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. View directions to the academy.

DesignationTitleName and EmailRole

Academy 1

Fire Director

Jennifer L. Aubert-Utz

Fire Director Assigned to the FRA

Academy 2

Fire Captain

Julia Dillard

Administrative Duties

Academy 3

EMS Lieutenant

Paul Massarelli

Fire and EMS Programs

Academy 4

EMS Lieutenant

Timothy Rostkowski

Computer Programs

Academy 5

Fire Specialist

Richard White

Fire Programs

Academy 6


Krystal Kelly

EMS Instructor

Academy 7


Christopher Davis Jr.

Fire-EMS Instructor

Academy 8


Michael Szczesniakowski

Fire Instructor

Academy 12

 Executive Assistant

Nikki Roros

Office Manager

Academy 13

Office Coordinator

Elizabeth Hughes


Revised February 1, 2016

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