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Fire Rescue Academy Staff Members

Contact the Baltimore County Fire-Rescue Academy (FRA) staff via email by selecting a name below or by calling 410-887-7523.

The FRA's normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. View directions to the academy.

DesignationTitleName and EmailRole

Academy 1

Fire Director

Bruce Schultz

Director of FRA

Academy 2



Academy 3

EMS Lieutenant

Paul Massarelli

Fire Programs

Academy 4

EMS Lieutenant

Timothy Rostkowski

EMS Programs

Academy 5

Fire Specialist

Richard White

Fire Programs

Academy 6


Krystal Kelly

EMS Instructor

Academy 7


Christopher Davis Sr.

Fire-EMS Instructor

Academy 8

Fire Specialist

Erin Pasquali

EMS Instructor and Mgmt.

Academy 9Paramedic

Karin McGillin

EMS Instructor

Academy 10


Steve Thompson

Fire Instructor

Academy 12

Executive Assistant

Nikki Roros

Office Manager

Academy 13

Office Coordinator

Elizabeth Hughes

Office Staff
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