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Truck Turn-In Procedures

Photo of a FADO Truck turn-in taking place.
Stokes basket operation being performed.

Completion of this Fire Apparatus Driver Operators (FADO) Truck turn-in (three skill stations and a road course) at the Fire Academy will allow the candidate to drive all Class A apparatus in the department fleet including USAR17. Station officers should work with personnel to ensure that those individuals assigned to these specialized units are familiar with their operation. Personnel wishing to become a tower-only driver will complete this FADO Truck turn-in process but only need a Class B license. Those completing the tower-only turn-in who later wish to complete a truck turn-in will need to go through the entire truck turn-in process again.


Prerequisites include:

  • EVOC (MFRI 39-hour class)
  • Aerial Apparatus Operator (MFRI class)
  • Firefighter II (MFSPQB, NPQS, IFSAC, or DOD-IFSAC certification)

Items to be Completed at the Station Prior to Scheduling a Turn-In

The documents in this section are PDFs that open to a new window.

All candidates must bring a Driver's Log with a minimum of 10 driving hours completed. Candidates who are retesting must bring Form 51. Additionally, please complete the following:

Refer to the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute website for the most updated professional qualification applications for FADO Tiller and FADO Aerial.

Addition: If your aerial apparatus operator class is older than July 1, 2015, please complete the following documents in addition to the above documentation:

Please provide two copies of the following:

  • Form 330 for a daily check done on the day of the test
  • Driver's license and EVO card, both sides
  • Aerial apparatus operator

Failure of Skill Stations

If an applicant fails one station, they can retest on the same day after receiving remediation for the failed skill and signing a Form 51.

If an applicant fails two stations, remediation will be conducted at the member's station with their company officer. A Form 51 for each skill must be completed by the company officer and the candidate must schedule a retest no earlier than two weeks from the initial test date. Any Form 51s must accompany the candidate on the day of the retest.

If an applicant fails all three stations, or if the applicant fails any station during the retest, the applicant must return to their field assignment and retrain with their officers. They will not be able to retest within a three-month period. A Form 51 for all failed skills as well as a new Skills Checklist packet must be completed with the company officer prior to rescheduling. All Form 51s and the new packet must accompany the candidate on the day of the retest.

Scheduling a Turn-In

Applicants should review the Sample FADO Truck Skill Cards (PDF) and Checklist of Paperwork (PDF) for the turn-in process prior to scheduling. Once the individual is ready for a turn-in, the station officer should submit a Driver Turn-In Request Form.

Revised January 5, 2017         


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