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Fire-Rescue Academy

Image of Fire-Rescue Academy team dressed in full gear entering a burning structure.Jennifer L. Aubert-Utz, Fire Director
Phone: 410-887-7523    
Fax: 410-887-7572
Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

The Baltimore County Fire-Rescue Academy (FRA) ensures the readiness of all Baltimore County first responders. Technical and customized training is provided for all career and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

Course Registration for Career or Volunteer Personnel

For information on both Academy Status courses and Maryland Fire Rescue Institute (MFRI) courses in the North East Region, view course offerings.

Personnel Accountability Tags (PAT)

Volunteer or career members needing new or replacement accountability tags should complete the PAT Tag Application (PDF) with all applicable documentation and contact Kathy Bowman via email at or by calling 410-887-7523.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training

Visit the Fire Rescue Academy's EMS Site for information on EMS training and certification including the Advanced Life Support (ALS) Recertification Process, ALS Continuing Education, IV Technician Program, and more. 

Suppression Training

Visit the Fire-Rescue Academy's Suppression Site for information on suppression training and certification including the EMS to Firefighter Bridge program, the FADO turn-in process, the Burn Technician program, Special Interest Bulletins, and more.

Professional Qualifications

The professional qualifications board validates certification credentials on an ongoing basis. Results of recent professional qualification board meetings may be found on the ProQual site.

Hands Only CPR Training for Citizens

Hands Only CPR is a simple technique that anyone can perform in an emergency. It does not require mouth-to-mouth contact and keeps the victim's blood flowing until help arrives. Hands Only CPR and has been proven as effective as traditional CPR. You may register online.

CPR Classes For Citizens

The Fire Rescue Academy offers classes for the general public in traditional cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a bi-monthly basis. Visit the CPR Information page for course details, dates, and registration information.

Additional Training Links

To apply for resident National Fire Academny courses, visit the FEMA website for application procedures and links to FEMA Form 75-5 (PDF).

Revised May 27, 2015

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