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County Executive
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Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

Healthy Harvest for the Hungry
March 2, 2012

It is great to be here at the Franciscan Center of Baltimore this morning with so many distinguished citizens and public servants in support of such a good cause.

Food Insecurity

In Baltimore County, there are almost 92,000 people who do not have consistent access to safe, affordable food. That this occurs anywhere is a tragedy, but that this occurs here is unacceptable. The fact that hunger and malnutrition can exist in neighborhoods as prosperous and vibrant as ours is a truth that too many people are uncomfortable to acknowledge. Yet everyday, there are families and individuals right here in Baltimore County who live without any certainty of their next meal.

It is our responsibility as fellow citizens and as compassionate neighbors to do whatever we can to ensure that any man, woman, or child who calls our state home never experiences the fear of going without something as basic and important as another meal.

Help Harvest for the Hungry

That is why Baltimore County is proud to be supporting Harvest for the Hungry this year. From March 3 to 10 Baltimore County will be collecting healthy food in donation boxes at all Baltimore County library branches.

It doesn’t take much to help, just a few extra dollars during your next trip to the grocery store. A can of soup here and a box of cereal there can make all the difference in the world to someone who needs it the most. And through this program, all of the work and effort we put into it will stay local. Food items donated in Baltimore County will stay in Baltimore County.

Thanks for Contributions and Effort

Thanks to Mark Furst, Larry Adam, Molly Shattuck, and everyone at the United Way and Harvest for the Hungry for their hard work and thanks to all the businesses and organizations who have contributed to this effort. I am confident that together, we can make a real impact on thousands of lives.

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