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Baltimore County made a 1.3 billion dollar investment into school modernization. Sixty-Five percent of funding for school modernization comes from the County. Thirty-Five percent comes from the State.

Schools for Our Future

When County Executive Kamenetz came into office six years ago, 80 percent of our schools were more than 40 years old, they were in disrepair and 90 schools had no air conditioning. That’s why he invested $1.3 billion on school construction. It’s the most ambitious school construction initiative in the history of the State in such a short period of time.

Modernizing County Schools

Map of the Baltimore County Schools For Our Future Plan
View a detailed map (PDF) of the Schools for Our
Future plan.

With those funds, the County is building 15 new schools and 11 additions, while adding seats to eliminate current elementary school overcrowding and modernize our schools. 

In 2010, 90 Baltimore County schools did not have central air conditioning. That number will have been reduced to 13 next year, and will be down to zero in the very near future.


Revised November 7, 2016