Environmental Protection and Sustainability
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Waterway & Stream Complaint Investigation

CPO responds to complaints involving erosion along County streams and coastlines. A CPO staff member will investigate the situation and will advise the property owner on corrective measures, or if the issue meets certain criteria, it will be recommended as a potential Capital Restoration Project.

Please call CPO at 410-887-2904 if you see:

  • Excessive erosion
  • Excessive aggradation (accumulation of sediment)
  • Debris in a waterway that could pose a danger to recreational boaters

Please call the appropriate agency if you see:

  • Flooding and storm drain issues  -  Call   Baltimore Co. DPW – 410-887-3720
  • Trees endangering power lines    -  Call   BGE – 1-800-685-1023
  • Fallen trees on County property     -  Call   Baltimore Co. DPW – 410-887-5302
  • Trash                                                   -  Call your local HOA or watershed association to see if opportunities for stream cleanup are available.

Things to remember:

  • Everything that enters the storm drain system will end up in a stream or waterway. Storm drain systems are directly linked to open waterways and do not go through a treatment process like sewer systems do. “Only rain down the drain”
  • Streams are dynamic systems therefore minor erosion is to be expected
  • The flow in streams will overtop the banks (flood) periodically.
  • Placing yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) along stream banks degrades water quality by: smothering beneficial vegetation, introducing excess nutrients and contributing to blockages.
  • Baltimore County’s policy is to allow riparian buffers (vegetation around streams and waterways) to grow naturally and not be “maintained”. Riparian buffers provide a host of environmental benefits such as: habitat for terrestrial and aquatic species, pollutant uptake, groundwater recharge, and temperature moderation in the stream which is vital for the survival of some species.

Contact Information

Capital Program & Operations
Phone: 410-887-2904
Fax: 410-887-4804
Email: watersheds@baltimorecountymd.gov

Revised February 9, 2012

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