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Environmental Protection and Sustainability
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Stormwater Engineering Checklists & Forms

Use the checklists and forms below when preparing plans for review by Stormwater Engineering.


  • Concept, Development SWM (PDF)
    Details the requirements for the May 2009 SWM regulations from concept to development to final design. SWM Hydrology and SWM Plan Review Checklists will also be required for final design.
  • SWM Grading Plan Review (PDF)
    Reviewer’s checklist for grading plan approval.
  • SWM Hydrology Review (PDF)
    Provides details of the hydrologic analysis for a proposed SWM project.
  • SWM Plan Review (PDF)
    Provides plan requirements for final design for a proposed SWM project.
  • As Built SWM Pond (PDF)
    Shows requirements for engineers submitting as-builts to Baltimore County for completed Stormwater Management and Water Quality facilities.
  • Inspection Report Sheet for SWM Facilities (PDF)
    Inspectors use in the field for Stormwater Management and Water Quality facilities to determine compliance with Baltimore County stormwater management regulations. Private owners may also use it as a guide to maintain their stormwater management facilities.


  • Grading and Sediment Control Review Procedures (PDF)
    This document details the procedures for grading submittals to the various Baltimore County agencies responsible for plan approval.
  • TR-55 Design Computation (PDF)
    Baltimore County’s spreadsheet for TR-55 design and typical to the industry.
  • SWM and Grading Plans Stamps (PDF)
    Shows the various approval stamps to be placed on Grading and Stormwater Plans. Sentences in red are for location information and not to be placed on plan.
  • Pond Data Sheet (PDF)
    Engineers complete and provides general data for the project SWM facility, best management practice (BMP) or environmental site design (ESD) credit. This information goes into the Baltimore County database for a quick view of project details.
  • As-built Submittal Requirements (PDF)
    Construction inspection and item requirements for engineer's as-built submission to Baltimore County's Stormwater Engineering Section.

Revised January 5, 2012

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