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Tree-Mendous Maryland

Each spring and fall, the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) promotes Maryland's Tree-Mendous Maryland Program that offers reasonably priced trees for planting on public lands, including parks, public schools and community colleges, government facilities, rights-of-way and homeowner association open spaces. EPS provides free tree delivery for community orders of 10 or more trees. Free delivery is not available for trees on the 'specials' list.

Image of a flowering dogwood tree.

This is a Pin Oak tree.

Fall 2013 Planting in Baltimore County

What to do Before You Start a Planting Project

If you are proposing to plant on any Baltimore County-owned property, you must submit a project narrative and planting plan to the EPS Tree-Mendous MD Program Coordinator for review and approval before ordering the trees. Please call Patricia Cornman at 410-887-4010 for technical assistance about site preparation, species selection, spacing, protective devices for reducing deer and rodent damage, and maintenance requirements. EPS will also contact the appropriate County agency for approval to conduct the planting. You will also need to contact Miss Utility at 1-800-257-7777 to obtain information about possible underground utilities on site.

Selecting and Ordering Your Trees

After your County-owned site has been approved for planting, you can find plants that are suitable to your site conditions by going to EPS's list of tree and shrub species.

Download an order form from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) web site. Mail the completed form and enclosed payment to:

Tree-Mendous Maryland
DNR Forest Service
580 Taylor Avenue E-1
Annapolis, Md. 21401

Do not send the check or the original order form to Baltimore County! You will receive a confirmation card in the mail with an order number from the MD DNR. If you choose to pick up your order, please call Shemin Nurseries at 410-666-0720 to arrange a pick up time. Be sure to bring your order confirmation card with you. Free delivery details below.

Free Delivery by Baltimore County

For orders of 10 or more trees, Baltimore County offers free delivery. Notify EPS as soon as possible, but no later than October 25, 2013, for guaranteed delivery. Mail or fax a copy of your pre-paid order, a contact name, daytime phone number, and your preferred delivery location to:

Baltimore County Tree-Mendous MD Program Coordinator
Environmental Protection and Sustainability
111 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Room 319
Towson, Md. 21204
Phone: 410-887-4010
Fax: 410-887-4804

Planting Your Trees

Plant your trees as soon as possible after delivery, and make plans to water thoroughly. Trees generally do not need to be supported with guy wires and stakes unless they are greater than eight feet tall or planted on exceptionally windy sites.

If you are planting in an area with a high deer population, you can greatly increase the survival of tree or shrubs by protecting your plants against deer browsing and rubbing with tree shelters. Shelters can be purchased from forestry supply companies or you can make them yourself by constructing five feet tall cylinders from deer fencing or rigid plastic mesh. The cylinders should loosely encircle the trees or shrubs and can be supported by attachment to one or more wood stakes with cable ties.

Is Your Local School a Maryland Green School?

Designated Maryland Green Schools are eligible to receive free trees with their Tree-Mendous MD Program tree orders at a 1:1 match. Free tree delivery is also provided by EPS. For information, contact the County Tree-Mendous MD Program Coordinator at 410-887-4010.

DNR Gift of Trees Program

Memorial trees may also be purchased by individuals or groups for planting in designated groves to honor loved ones and friends. Join the thousands of Marylanders who recognize that a gift of trees is a lasting tribute. More information may be found on the DNR web site for the Gift of Trees.

Maryland P.L.A.N.T. Award

Your community may be eligible for a P.L.A.N.T. (People Loving and Nurturing Trees) Award, which is given annually by the Maryland Community Forest Council and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Marylanders Plant Trees Program

The Marylanders Plant Trees Program encourages citizens to plant and register trees to help improve quality of life in Maryland. The program is offering a $25 off coupon for any trees valued at or above $50 at participating nurseries and garden centers. The coupon is valid only for tree species listed on the Marylanders Plant Trees Recommended Tree List.

Revised September 5, 2013

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