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Environmental Protection and Sustainability
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Order Big Trees for Fall 2014

Image of the Big Trees Sale.

Due to a limited selection this fall, there will be a limit of two trees for each address provided outside of Baltimore County.

Place your order for Big Trees by filling out the form below. Please include all contact information requested. Once you have submitted the order form, you will be contacted by email to confirm the availability of trees for your order.

Trees are provided in three-gallon pots unless noted otherwise. We are also offering tree shelter kits to protect your newly planted trees. These can be pre-ordered or purchased at the Big Trees sale.

Not sure which tree to order? Review details and benefits of each Big Tree species.

Orders are filled first-come, first-served. At the time your order is confirmed, you will be provided three options for pick-up prior to the sale date. Please bring cash or a check when you pick up your tree order. No credit cards will be accepted. Early pick-up days will be provided at our nursery in Chase, Maryland. You can also pick-up your trees on October 18 at the Big Trees Sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park located at 1114 Shawan Road, Cockeysville, Maryland.

We take pride in growing healthy reforestation-grade saplings. Out of more than 2,500 trees sold, our customers have only reported that two trees failed to thrive after planting. At our low prices for Big Trees, please understand that we can not offer replacements or refunds after trees are purchased.

Questions can be emailed to

 Order Form

Big Trees:
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Indicate the quantity of each BigTree species you wish to order. Tree sizes and prices are indicated below. Please enter numbers only.
Sold Out:

Scarlet Oak (all sizes)
Chestnut Oak
Pitch Pine
Willow Oak
Sugar Maple
White Oak
White Pine

Revised September 4, 2014