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Environment at Home

What we do in our daily lives around our home and our community, from fertilizing the lawn and garden to leaving the family pet droppings, can affect the health of our streams and rivers. It may be unintentional, but if it's on the ground rain will wash it into the storm drain and from there it goes directly and untreated into our neighborhood streams, rivers and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. This is referred to as non-point source pollution and it is generated by all of us simply from our everyday activities.

Make Your Home and Community Bay Friendly

  • Downspout Disconnection: This is an easy way for homeowners to keep stormwater from gushing into our streams.
  • NeighborSpace: Preserve your neighborhood's green spaces through easement protection.
  • Winter Wonderful Landscapes (PDF): Plan your landscape with plants that are naturally attractive during different seasons of the year, including winter.
  • Holiday Enviro-tips (PDF): Use these holiday traditions to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Enviro-tips: Share these environmental tips for inside and outside the home, and within the community.
  • Yard Materials (PDF):  Keep your yard clippings out of stormdrains and streams.
  • From My Backyard to the Bay (PDF): Read about all the ways our homes are opportunities to help clean the Bay.
  • BayScapes for Homeowners (PDF): A homeowner's guide to designing an environmentally friendly yard.
  • Tree-Mendous: Get an order form and information about trees that are available from the Maryland Tree-Mendous Tree program.
  • Recycling: Keep updated on the County's disposal sites and collection events for various recyclable materials.
  • Conservation Tips (PDF): backyard actions and tips for a cleaner Chesapeake Bay, adapted agricultural conservation practices from Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Make Your Home and Community Safe


Environmental Education and Outreach
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Revised June 20, 2016        

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