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Clean Green 15: A Clean Green County Initiative

The 2015 BCPS Clean Green Litter Challenge has concluded, and the winning schools will be announced soon!


Does Litter Bug You?

Logo Clean Green 15: a Clean Green County Initiative.

Litter is not just unsightly, its costs really add up. It creates problems in our waterways, harms wildlife and cleaning it from storm drains, streets and parks is a waste of tax dollars that could go toward schools, parks and other priorities. We’ll continue to do our part, but you can pitch in for a simple, powerful solution. Thanks for doing your part.

Clean Green 15 – You and your group can make tons of difference!

It’s easy and quick. Just grab some bags and take 15 minutes for your group or family to pick up litter in a messy area near you. A park, a schoolyard, a vacant lot, a stream, anywhere that needs it. No complicated program, no cost to taxpayers, no special coordination or supplies. We’re asking your group to set up your own 15-minute Trash Pick-Ups – you decide when, where, who and how.

Share Your Results with Us

Come back to this page and let us know how much you picked up. We’ll track the amount of trash collected as part of the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability’s Chesapeake Bay restoration goals. Help us help the bay!

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