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Board of Elections
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Election Cycle 

Every Four Years

In Gubernatorial Election years (2014, 2018...), Baltimore County voters will be electing the following:

  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • Comptroller
  • Attorney General
  • State Senators
  • State Delegates
  • County Executive
  • County Council
  • Judges of the Circuit Court (If Vacancy Exist)
  • State's Attorney
  • Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Register of Wills
  • Three Judges of the Orphans' Court
  • Sheriff
  • Central Committee Members

In Presidential Election years (2012, 2016...), Baltimore County voters also cast their ballots for Delegates to the National Convention.

U.S. Senators

  • After six year term

U.S. Representative

  • Every two years

Election Calendar

2014 State Board of Elections Calendar of events.              

Revised November 14, 2013

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