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The number of total crimes, according to the Police Department, decreased by 7.4 percent between 2008-2009. 2,461 officers serve Baltimore County meaning 2.44 sworn officers per every 1000 citizens. Another way to look at it is 2.42 sworn officers per square mile. There are ten precinct stations and three substations in Baltimore County.

 The County has constructed two new Police Precincts for Parkville and Pikesville and continues to invest in new technologies in the Police Crime Lab to analyze evidence.


The Baltimore County Fire Department provides fire protection, emergency medical aid and emergency rescue to the County's citizens. The department includes more than 1,000 paid, trained emergency response personnel, housed at 25 career fire stations.

These career responders work at fire and rescue scenes alongside firefighters from the County's 35 volunteer fire stations. Baltimore County has a true joint fire service, with dedicated career and volunteer responders working together, every day, on behalf of our citizens.

The Department is implementing a new statewide reporting program known as the electronic Maryland EMS Data System. This program will utilize a statewide, commercial, web-based software system that will allow agencies to either directly input or upload data, thereby enabling the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Systems to assist jurisdictions in improving operational efficiency.

Source: Baltimore County Police Department October 2011, Baltimore County Fire Department October, 2011. 

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Link to the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce.
Comcast provided the financial support for the project.

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