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RG Steel, Move Forward

This resource guide was compiled in response to frequently asked questions about filing for unemployment benefits and finding alternative health insurance. We encourage you to take advantage of the many free County and State services available to all RG Steel employees, regardless of where you live. Download the resource guide (PDF).


The following documents are PDFs and open in a new window.

Unemployment Insurance Benefit

  • Applying for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Benefits through Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Act
  •  Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance for workers age 50+
  • Maryland One Stop Career Centers

Health Insurance Options

  • Continuing your health insurance through COBRA
  • Medicare Today: Resources for people new to Medicare
  • Medical Assistance Programs

Upgrading Your skills

  • Training for a new occupation
  • Professional Outplacement Assistance
  • Maryland Colleges and Universities
  • Finding financial aid for college
  • Starting your own business

Adjusting to Change

  • Stretching your budget
  • Help if unemployment runs out
  • Foreclosure prevention for renters and homeowners
  • Homeowner assistance programs
  • Where can I find help adjusting to change?

Useful Telephone Numbers

The information in the RG Steel resource guide (PDF) has been compiled as a general reference and resource tool. No statements represent legal opinions. Individuals should consult their own legal and financial advisors to obtain advice for their particular situation.

If you have specific questions that need to be answered by a Workforce Development professional please email the Workforce Development Division.

Revised March 18, 2013


Revised April 6, 2016        

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