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Baltimore County Business 1st Week

Baltimore County Business 1st Week is an opportunity for us to hear what business issues keep you up at night, and how the County resources can help support and grow your operation. This program is a joint effort between the Baltimore County's Department of Economic and Workforce Development and the Department of Planning Neighborhood Response Team.

From October 20 through October 25, our team of resource experts will conduct visits to businesses throughout the County. In just 15 minutes, you can get an overview of financing opportunities, workforce recruitment and training programs, tax credit and business counseling programs available to Baltimore County businesses. Teams will present programs and resources to business groups.

Business 1st Week Events Include:

Business Assistance and Incentives in Baltimore County

Business Friendly Climate

  • Well-managed County, with consistent AAA bond rating from the three major rating agencies.
  • No property tax increase since 1988
  • No income tax increase since 1992
  • Streamlined local government, no incorporated towns or cities
  • No gross receipts tax on manufacturers
  • No corporate franchise tax
  • No unitary tax on profits
  • No separate school taxes
  • No sales or personal property tax on R and D equipment
  • No incorporated jurisdictions within the County

Business Support

Workforce Talent

  • Recruitment – Access to diverse candidate pool. Coordinate recruitment efforts customized to the business needs, including candidate screening and job fairs.
  • Training – Through our Workforce Development System, we invest funding to offset the costs of training new hires. On-the-job training and apprenticeships are also available, based on the availability of funds.
  • Downsizing – Worker outplacement services coordinating on-site information sessions, unemployment registration, career counseling and job search seminars.

Small Business Resource Center

  • One-on-one business counseling and seminars to assist with business plan development, marketing advice, financing and minority business enterprise certifications. This is a free service for Baltimore County.

Financing Programs

Tax Credits

Commercial Revitalization Districts

  • Property tax credits
  • Free Architectural Services
  • Low and not interest loans for property improvements

Contact Us

Learn more about Business 1st Week and speak to finance experts, small business advisors, talent and training specialists and resource coordinators by email or call 410-887-8000.

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