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Economic Development Maps

Below is a comprehensive listing of maps from the Department of Economic Development. A general description of the major business communities in Baltimore County, and profiles of the areas.   

Business Communities

Listed below are PDFs of community areas that will open in a new window.

Business Parks

A listing and general description of the major business parks in Baltimore County. Aerials of most of the business parks and specifics of the parks where available.

Business Parks County-wide Map (PDF) - Displays a County-wide view of the County's business parks. It is excellent for determining which parks are in you area of interest.

Enterprise Zones

Businesses in the zones that expand and/or add employees are eligible for both Baltimore County and Maryland tax credits. The My Neighborhood Interactive Map allows users to search for properties, view the zoning, view aerial photography, create custom printable maps and obtain owner information.

Upon the first visit to My Neighborhood, users will be directed to download a one-time Silverlight plug-in directly from Microsoft via a link. If you are using an Apple Mac OS X and need to install Silverlight, do not use the install link provided on the application page. Instead, use the following link to install the proper plug-in: Download the Silverlight plug-in.

Customized Mapping

Email or call 410-887-8000.


Revised May 20, 2016        

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